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I've brought my aging Honda Civic to Simon's twice and have had great service both times. The prices are extremely reasonable and the service is impeccable. They diagnosed and fixed the rattling noise under the car quickly, when two other franchised service centers couldn't figure out what the problem was. I will strongly recommend Simon's to all my friends.
Linda - December 9, 2009
If you’re looking for honest, reliable, and very competitive price go no further. Simon's Auto is all that and more. Simply the BEST!
Sam - December 04, 2009, Cleveland, OH
These gentlemen work on my Lexus and two BMW's currently. Outstanding...... better than the dealerships service by far. They also work on my 1968 corvette show car, who I would never let anybody else look at let alone touch it. They are FANTASTIC with it. For anykind of car repair, tires any and all service they are the only ones I use. I travel over 15 miles to bring my cars to them. What a wonderful Auto Repair establishment. They are very price competitive and more honest than anyone I have ever ever used. A Triple A Auto Repair facility, The best on the whole East Side of Cleveland.
George F. - November 30, 2009
I had been experiencing some tune-up issues for several weeks. After failing to be able to correct the issues on my own, I called up Simon's and they had my car in the shop and repaired within 24 hours. When I picked up my car, they explained what had been causing the issue and the steps they had taken to repair the problem. I recommend Simon's to everyone.
Joe - Nov 21, 2009
I taken my Jeep to other auto shops in the area and it seemed like they charged alot and I was never sure of the quality of work, then one day I took it to Simon's. They walked me through the whole process and even showed me the issue with my car in their car bays. Thanks for clearing up my own confusion and the price was great also!
Jen B. - Febuary 2009
I have taken two separate cars there and with both they were great. They will tell up front what it costs, they don't overcharge and if there is a problem they quickly remedy it. I had a Geo Prizm and a Mazda 626 LX both from the early 1990's. They always gave me honest answers on whether the repair was worth it against the value of the car. Their punctuality was always impressive as well. I often could only leave the car with them for a day or sometimes even less because of a job or some other responsibility. Knowing this they consistently had the car done on time for me to get to work or take it home for the night.
James - March 12, 2009
Never thought I would enjoy taking my car in for service. Great prices, good work, done on time. What else can you ask for.
Robert - December 18, 2008 Cleveland, OH
This is the best repair shop i have ever gone to. The bill was less then quoted and work was done on time. I have been there many times and never had to come back for a problem.
Rodger - December 18, 2008
Great shop, great work, and great people. Can't find a better shop in the greater Cleveland area.
Dan M. - September 23, 2008 Cleveland, OH
I am a novice when it comes to cars. Taking it to Simon's Auto Body I know I always get the best service at a great price the first time.
Darren - March 2008
I would recommend simons to anyone and everyone. Hard working, honest, family run business keeps my family coming back time and time again.
Sammy - September 2008
Simon and his crew take the time to explain the problem with my car. Then they fix, the first time at a great price.
William - September 19, 2009
I would recommend simons to anyone and everyone. Hard working, honest, family run business keeps my family coming back time and time again.
Sammy - September 23, 2008
Service was excellent had a problem with my car and call them and they said bring it in and it will be ready the same day and it was, most places say that and its like 3 day later and you get your car, there prices are also great, they are very professional, I will go back , I always support the local places, thanks.
Vandshome - September 2007 Bedford Hts, OH

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