State-of-the-art Exhaust System for Controlling Pollutants in Air

Install a top-graded exhaust system to your vehicles and make your engine work correctly. Add an advanced car exhaust and muffler system to increase fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air.

If your car exhaust system is blocked for some reason, ask for professionals help from Simon’s Auto Service to check it out. Our team of expert technicians will check the exhaust and muffler system thoroughly for any leakage or fault, to avoid any risk of carbon dioxide fumes being released in the environment.

More About Us

We are a classified installer and repairman of both standard and modified exhaust system for cars and trucks. Whether your vehicles are small or large, we have quality service for all models and types of vehicles. Basically we specialize in servicing both foreign and domestic vehicles; however, we have carved a niche in European cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and other exotic cars which most independent shops would turn away due to lack of skills and knowledge. We “fix it right the 1st time” and aim to provide our customers with a hassle free service experience. We do what most shops can’t or won’t touch!

What we offer

Simon’s Auto Service stocks the latest collection of exhausts at a reasonable price. We supply and fit exhausts and catalytic converters for virtually all makes of car and van at our bay shops in Cleveland Heights and its surrounding areas. Recently we built a new state of the art, 6 bay auto repair facility to replace our previous 3 bay shop. Customers can wait in our comfortable waiting area, with WiFi and coffee.

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